Dusk to Dawn Lighting: City Government Member Owned Fixtures on SREC Poles

Download the Dusk to Dawn Lighting, Government-Owned Fixtures (PDF)

Effective October 23, 2019


Service under this schedule is available on a case by case basis and requires SREC management approval. Any city government member that is served from the Cooperative’s interconnected system where existing overhead secondary distribution facilities of adequate capacity, phase and voltage are present may be considered for this rate.


Service under this schedule is applicable for electric energy provided for the outdoor dusk to dawn lighting of city government member owned lighting fixtures mounted on SREC poles and energized prior to any metering point. Lights must be controlled by a photoelectric relay.

Character of Service

Lighting fixture, wire leads, control relay, and mast for mounting the light on an existing Cooperative pole are purchased and owned by the city government member. Installation and maintenance, and repair (including lamp replacement) will be performed by the Cooperative and billed to the city government member at cost. Work will be performed during the regularly scheduled working hours of the Cooperative and the Cooperative will be allowed 72 hours subsequent to notification to perform such work. The city government member is responsible for maintaining any and all replacement inventory required for their light fixture. The city government member is not authorized at any time to perform any work on streetlights mounted to SREC utility poles. Lamps are energized each night providing approximately 4,105 hours of premises lighting per year.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining the details of the arrangement must be signed between the member and SREC prior to being eligible for this rate.

Monthly Charge

  • 60 Watt LED – $3.50
  • 80 Watt LED – $4.10

Minimum Charge

The monthly minimum charge shall be the Monthly Charge.

Other fees may apply under special circumstances.

A 1% franchise fee has been imposed by the City of Challis on all Cooperative members whose point of electric delivery is within the corporate boundaries of the City of Challis, Idaho. This fee will be collected by the Cooperative for the benefit of the City of Challis as specified by City of Challis ordinance.

Authorization Date: October 23, 2019
Issued By: Salmon River Electric Cooperative, Inc. Board of Directors
Effective Date: October 23, 2019