Residential Single Phase Service

Download the Single Phase Residential Service (PDF)

Effective: December 25, 2022


This schedule is applicable to services that are single phase, standard voltage, and supplied through one point of delivery for residential service members and general domestic uses. Single phase motors, of 10 horsepower rating or less, are permissible.

When usage at a dwelling is used predominately for business, professional or other gainful purposes, the premises will be classified as a non-residential and the appropriate schedules applied. However, if the wiring is so arranged that the service for residential purposes can be metered separately, this schedule will be applied to such service.


Service under this schedule is available at points on the Cooperative’s interconnected system where existing facilities of adequate capacity and desired phase and voltage are available, and additional investment by the Cooperative for new transmission, substation, or terminal facilities is not necessary to supply the desired service.

Meter Read

Meters will be read by the Cooperative on the last day of the month at midnight.

Monthly Charge

The Monthly Charge is the sum of the Access Charge and kWh charge at the following rates:

*Customer Class Access Charge Kilowatt-hour (kWh) Charge SREC Rate Designation, Outside Challis City Limits SREC Rate Designation, Within Challis City Limits
0 to 200 $43 $0.058 110 210
201 to 400 $58 $0.058 112 212
401 to 600 $73 $0.058 114 214
601 to 800 $88 $0.058 116 216
801 to 1000 $103 $0.058 118 218
1001 to 1200 $118 $0.058 120 220

Note: *Customer Class is determined by the amperage rating of the customer's service entrance equipment. Amperages in excess of these amounts will be extrapolated.

Minimum Charge

The monthly minimum charge shall be the Access Charge collected over 12 months.

Abandoned Service

Should a member’s service be physically disconnected for a continuous 12-month period, the Cooperative reserves the right to physically retire the service anytime thereafter.


  • Membership – $10
  • Disconnect Notice – $25
  • Returned Check – $20
  • Account Research/Special Handling – $30 per hour ($10 minimum)
  • Outages - Customer Equipment  – Actual Cost
  • Account Activation – $15
  • Connect charge - Office hours – $25
  • Connect charge - Overtime hours – Actual Cost
  • Disconnect charge:
    • At member’s request – Office hours – $0
    • At member’s request – Overtime hours – Actual Cost
  • Idle Service Fee – Access Charge Billed Monthly

Other fees may apply under special circumstances.

A 1% franchise fee has been imposed by the City of Challis on all Cooperative members whose point of electric delivery is within the corporate boundaries of the City of Challis, Idaho. This fee will be collected by the Cooperative for the benefit of the City of Challis as specified by City of Challis ordinance.

Authorization Date: September 22, 2022
Issued By: Salmon River Electric Cooperative, Inc. Board of Directors
Effective Date: December 25, 2022