Three Phase Hecla Rate

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Effective: December 25, 2022


Service under this schedule is applicable strictly to the three-phase electric service provided to Hecla Mining Company at its Mine Substation located near Jordan Creek.


Service under this schedule is available at the Mine Substation where SREC interconnects at the terminal of the SREC 69 kilovolt (kV) power line at the Mine Substation. Total metered demand shall not exceed 2500 kW. Service is available under the terms specified in the June 1, 1998, Electric Service Agreement as may be modified or replaced, and the most current Three Phase Hecla rate schedule.

Type of Service

The type of service provided under this schedule is three-phase, alternating current at a nominal frequency of 60 Hz and a nominal voltage of approximately 69,000 volts.

Meter Read

Meters will be read by the Cooperative on the last day of the month at midnight.

Billing Demand

The Billing Demand is the average kW supplied during the rolling 15-minute period at maximum use during the billing period, adjusted for Power Factor.

Phase Protection

The Cooperative will not be responsible for damage to member’s equipment caused by the loss of one or more phases serving member’s equipment. It is the member’s responsibility to obtain and install adequate phase protection for all three- phase motors.

Monthly Charge

The Monthly Charge is the sum of the Access Charge and kWh charge at the following rates:

Access Charge Billing Demand Kilowatt-hour (kWh) Charge SREC Rate Designation
$6557 $3.26 $0.0421 760

Power Factor:
Where the member’s Power Factor is less than 97%, as determined by measurement under actual load conditions, the Cooperative may adjust the kW measured to determine the billing demand by multiplying the measured kW by 97% and dividing by the actual Power Factor.

Minimum Charge

The monthly minimum charge shall be the Access Charge collected over 12 months.

Abandoned Service

Should a member’s service be physically disconnected for a continuous 12-month period, the Cooperative reserves the right to physically retire the service anytime thereafter.


  • Membership – $10
  • Disconnect Notice – $25
  • Returned Check – $20
  • Account Research/Special Handling – $30 per hour ($10 minimum)
  • Outages - Customer Equipment  – Actual Cost
  • Account Activation – $15
  • Connect charge - Office hours – $25
  • Connect charge - Overtime hours – Actual Cost
  • Disconnect charge:
    • At member’s request – Office hours – $0
    • At member’s request – Overtime hours – Actual Cost
  • Idle Service Fee – Access Charge Billed Monthly

Other fees may apply under special circumstances.

Authorization Date: September 22, 2022
Issued By: Salmon River Electric Cooperative, Inc. Board of Directors
Effective Date: December 25, 2022