Payment Options FAQs

Is the eBiz system secure?

Yes, the eBiz system is secure. Data is encrypted, and the entire process follows the PCI DSS security standards. Please ensure that your computer is protected with the latest anti-malware products as well.

When does the Cooperative read meters?

SREC reads meters on or near the 25th of each month. Three phase irrigation and three phase commercial meters will be recorded and demand reset as of midnight on the 24th.

When will billing statements be available?

Billing statements will be available online the first of every month. The statement will show the previous month’s electric usage. Statements will be mailed the first of every month to those who have selected to receive a statement in the mail. Email notification will be sent the first of the month to members that have an email address on file. The email notification will be a reminder that new statements are now available online.

May I print my statement?

Statements may be viewed, printed, or saved to your computer from the eBiz system. You may access the system by clicking on the “Pay Bill” button on our website.

When are payments due?

Payments may be made anytime during the month but must be received in SREC’s office no later than the due date, the 20th of each month. To avoid finance charges, accounts must be paid in full and payment received in our office by the due date.

What are my options for making payments?

You may pay by check, credit card, bank account, or cash. You may make payment in our office, drop payments in our drop box, send payments through the US mail, or use our eBiz system. To access the eBiz system, go to our website and click the "Pay Bill" button. Please remember, do not send cash through the mail. Bring all cash payments into our office.

What is a “payment account”?

A payment account is your credit card or bank account you use to make a payment. Payment accounts can be stored on the eBiz system if you wish. That way you will not have to enter all the information each time you wish to make a payment. Simply select the payment account to use and enter the date to pay.

How do I avoid finance charges?

To avoid finance charges your bill must be paid in-full and payment must be received in SREC’s office no later than the 20th of each month. The easiest way to make payment is by using our eBiz system. You may use your telephone or your computer online to access the system and make payments.

What other options may I choose?

Once you are logged-in, you may change or store a credit card or bank account as your payment account. You may select to “go paperless” – no statement will be mailed to you. You may still view or print your statement from the website. You can also setup an automatic recurring payment.