Article I (PDF) – Membership

Section 1. Qualifications and Obligations
Section 2. Membership Application
Section 3. Expulsion, Suspension, or Withdrawal of Membership
Section 4. Transfer and Termination of Membership

Article II (PDF) – Meetings of Members

Section 1. Annual Meeting
Section 2. Special Meetings
Section 3. Notice of Members’ Meetings
Section 4. Quorum
Section 5. Voting
Section 6. Proxies
Section 7. Order of Business
Section 8. Agenda

Article III (PDF) – Directors

Section 1. General Powers
Section 2. Election and Tenure of Office
Section 3. Qualifications
Section 4. Nominations
Section 5. Director Resignation
Section 6. Removal of Directors by Members
Section 7. Vacancies
Section 8. Compensation
Section 8. Oath of Office

Article IV (PDF) – Meetings of Directors

Section 1. Regular Meetings
Section 2. Special Meetings
Section 3. Notice of Directors’ Meetings
Section 4. Waiver of Notice
Section 5. Quorum
Section 6. Manner of Acting
Section 7. Attendance at Meetings
Section 8. Director’s Standard of Conduct
Section 9. Director’s Conflict of Interest

Article V (PDF) – Officers

Section 1. Number
Section 2. Election and Term of Officer
Section 3. Removal of Officers and Agents by Directors
Section 4. President
Section 5. Vice-President
Section 6. Secretary
Section 7. Treasurer
Section 8. Manager
Section 9. Bonds of Officers
Section 10. Compensation
Section 11. Reports

Article VI (PDF) – Indemnification of Directors and Officers

Section 1. Scope of Indemnification
Section 2. Mandatory Indemnification of Directors
Section 3. Insurance
Section 4. Amendments
Section 5. Saving Clause

Article VII (PDF) – Non-Profit Operation

Section 1. Interest or Dividends Prohibited
Section 2. Patronage Capital in Connection with Furnishing Electric Energy
Section 3. Restriction on Retirement of Capital Credits

Article VIII (PDF) – Disposition of Property

Section 1. Sale or Merger Offers or Solicitations: Board Consideration
Section 2. Notice of Sale or Merger
Section 3. Independent Appraisal
Section 4. Approval By Members
Section 5. Encumbrance in the Normal Course of Business

Article IX (PDF) – Seal

Article X (PDF) – Financial Transactions

Section 1. Contracts
Section 2. Checks, Drafts, etc.
Section 3. Deposits
Section 4. Fiscal Year

Article XI (PDF) – Miscellaneous

Section 1. Rules and Regulations
Section 2. Accounting System and Reports
Section 3. Security Interest in Capital Account

Article XII (PDF) – Rules of Order

Article XIII (PDF) – Amendments to and Partial Invalidity of Bylaws

Section 1. Amendment
Section 2. Partial Invalidity of Bylaws

Certification (PDF)