Locate Electrical Lines

Salmon River Electric will locate electrical lines owned and maintained by SREC. There is no charge if the location is requested during normal business hours. If a line locates is requested after business hours, a fee will be charged.

To have a line located, please contact Dig Line, Inc. at (800) 342-1585. Dig Line, Inc. is a one-call center that will notify the member utilities in your area prior to working near underground utility lines and overhead power lines. Please call Dig Line, Inc. (800) 342-1585 2 working days in advance. The member utilities, in turn, will mark their lines with paint marks and/or stakes.

When calling Dig Line (800) 342-1585 for a request, these are the questions asked in the following order:

  1. What is your caller ID or daytime telephone number?
  2. Your Name or the name of the owner of the property?
  3. Is there an alternate daytime telephone number you can be reached at?
  4. Will you be digging within 10 feet of overhead power lines?
  5. Will you be on private property, in the road right-of-way, or both?
  6. What type of work are you doing?
  7. Who are you doing the work for?
  8. What is the address? (this means physical address)
  9. What is the nearest intersecting street?
  10. What are the lot, block, and subdivision? (if applicable)
  11. What is the location of work at the given address?
  12. Will you have the area pre-marked?
  13. Please provide the meter number for the Notes. (This allows the utility crew to know they have the correct location).

You can expect your underground utilities to be marked no later than 2 business days after the day and time of your original request.

What to Do if You Hit an Underground Facility

If you hit a buried cable when digging, first and foremost, protect your life. Do not touch the cable with anything. Call SREC and report the damage and arrange for repairs. If this occurs during the weekend or after hours, contact the outage line at SREC at (208) 879-4900.

Remember to call Dig Line 2 working days prior to excavating to avoid damaging underground lines. If a line locates is not requested and a line is damaged, you will be billed for damages. If in doubt, call Dig Line and request a line locate. This service is free during normal business hours.